Install the framework, then unpack the samples over.

Samples (platform-independent):

Send files to JMS Send files to message queue
This sample cage picks up files from a specified directory and sends their contents to a JMS queue, each as a separate message.
Simple web server Process HTTP(S) requests
This sample cage is a simple HTTP(S) server delivering HTML files from a directory.
Database reporting Send database reports via e-mail
This sample cage does hourly reporting, it extracts a report from a database and sends it via e-mail to a configured recipient.
RPC calls between cages One cage calls another over RPC
This sample contains two cages "sender" and "receiver" with "sender" periodically calling "receiver" over both synchronous RPC and asynchronous enqueued calls.
Reverse RPC calls A cage in DMZ calls a cage in LAN
This sample contains two cages, "lan" and "dmz", and demonstrates how RPC call from "dmz" to "lan" can be executed, although firewall prohibits TCP connections from DMZ to LAN.
Resource caching Access to a database is cached
This sample demonstrates usage of transparent resource caching. In this sample access to a database is performed through two different resources, one with caching and one without.